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The team here at Synergy Pay brings over 25 years experience in payments. We bring the integrity of low risk payments to the high risk world! We recognize that this market has been under serviced for years, and now we are here to help.

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Our Customers and Partners

We have customers in nearly any industry you can think of! We specialize in CBD / Hemp oil, Cannabis, and Payday Loans but can setup any type of account you need. We offer many partnership and agent programs. Some of our partners include: - Other processing companies - Integrated Point of Sales - Associations - Financial Institutions We are always looking for new partners so don't be afraid to give us a call and start a discussion.

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Synergy Pay Solutions is your business partner, your buddy, your pal, your friend. We want you to succeed in every aspect of your business. From website/app development to SEO & content management; from payroll processing to business funding we are your guide. Let our connections, knowledge & experience work for you.

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